My favorite Video Games

My favorite xbox games are Skate3, Maden25, DisneyInfinty, Skate1, Need For Speed Undercover, Titandfall, Blackops2, Mincraft, Halo4 and Call of Duty.  My favorite game is Skate3.  I like it because it teaches you tricks on a skateboard. I want to learn how a ride a skateboard when I grow up.

My second favorite game is Minecraft. I like Minecraft because you can build stuff like roller coasters and a house.I also like it because you get to kill zombies, skeletons, spiders and creepers.

My third favorite game is Call Of Duty. I kind of like it because it’s all about war.My favorite part of it is campaign.  I like campaign because you get to drive tanks and ride helicopters.

I don’t like Skate1 most of the time it your game crashes.I also do to like because you can’t do that much tricks as in Skate3.Also most of the tricks are different controls.


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