My 9th birthday

We get in the car and 30 minutes later we get to Rebounderz. First we went to free jump. Then all of my friends went to dodgeball. We played dodgeball for about 5 rounds.

The last round I got the last person out!  Next we went to basketball and I dunked it.

After that I went to the foam pit and did some flips. Also I did a superman pose, then I did a superman punch. My friends mom wanted to do the same thing at the same time.  My favorite part of the day was the basketball.

When I was playing dodgeball they called us up to the party room. My mom made an ice cream cake. It had a creeper face made out of Hershey bar’s. Then the server gave all of us game cards to play video games. He gave me more cards because I was the birthday boy. When we got home I opened all my presents. I got lots of nerf guns. I got a BIG giant penguin . I got lots of gift cards.


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