My favorite Apps

My favorite apps are Minecraft, BloonsTD,  Crossy Road, YouTube, Clash of Clans, FIFA, Madden Mobile, Dream League Soccer, and Spotify.

I like Minecraft because I get to do what I want and build buildings. I like BloonsTD because you get to battle people and the whole purpose of the game is to level up and defeat a boss. I like Crossy Road because you can unlock characters and have to try to beat you own record by making him jump.  My mom says it’s a rip off of Frogger.

I like YouTube because you can search up things you want to watch. I like Clash of Clans because you have to save up money to upgrade your troops and base so you can battle. I like FIFA because it is soccer and you get to choose a good team.

I like Madden Mobile because it is NFL and I like to play football. I like Dream league Soccer because you get to upgrade your team to get to division 1to beat the game. I like Spotify because you get to listen to music while you are playing games on you device. My favorite game is Minecraft.


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