My Trip To Washington, DC

First me and my mom go on a plane to go to Washington D.C. Our plane started at 9:00pm and landed at 11:00pm. We went to sleep right away. In the morning my friends mom picked me up and went to my friends house.

Then it was time to leave to surprise my friend at his school. When I got to the his school I was really nervous. I hid so he couldn’t see me. When he got there he was like really confused. I was very excited I almost cried. When we went to his house he played dodge ball.
The next day we went to the zoo. When we got there we first went the gorillas I wish they threw turds at the widows. We walked through America Trail. We saw seals and black bears. Me and my friend climbed lots of things.
The last day I spent with my friend was Sunday. We went rock climbing without harnesses. It was awesome. . I think I went at least 50 feet high. I had the most fun Sunday.
We also got to see other things in Washington, DC…like Lincoln, and Albert Einstein. Einstein has a fun statue.  We also went to the Newseum where we talked about the civil war, Ebola, and had the 9/11 top of one of the twin towers.

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