St. Augustine Field Trip

When I woke up at 6:20 I was so excited to go to St. Augustine. We went to my school and everyone was boarding the buses. It was a two hour drive. When we got there I was so excited.

First we went to go learn about 1/3 of a really old ship and they were still building it. After that we went to the blacksmith. I liked it because you could smell all of the iron. Then we talked about the gunsmith.

We went to a watchtower we could we the fort from there it was so awesome. When we got down we went to a trolley tour we and went by the fort and our guide said if you go deep enough in the water you can still see heads.

After that we went to the fort. We got to sit on the beds that people who fought slept in. It was made of hay and a small cover. We went to the top of the fort were all of the cannons were.

Then we when’s to the pirate museum. It was awesome. They said pirates don’t actually say rrrr. We learned about Blackbeard.

I had a great time a St Augustine.