Halloween is the scariest holiday. We went to a neighborhood party at one of my teacher’s house.  And we got a lot of candy. I got 2 king size twix. I went as Tony Hawk. I got to ride my skateboard around the neighborhood.

My friends were also at the party, and some people from my school.

The first house we went to they kind of gave us candy. The 2nd house gave us king size candy bars. That was my favorite house.

Then we saw one of my friends her name was Elie. She’s also in my class. The next house gave us lots of candy. My favorite candy is king size Crunch. I like it because it is crunchy and it has chocolate in it.

My favorite costumes were worn by my friends. Daniel was a sniper and Ross was a hunter. My 2nd favorite costume was a minion it’s my 2nd favorite because it was thoughtful and they made some of it.

Halloween 2014

Halloween 2014


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