Washington, DC family vacation

We took a family trip to Washington, DC.  We got to fly on an airplane and then we went to our hotel then got to sleep. The next day we go to the White House!  We had to go through a lot of security, and then we even saw BO run down the path in front of the window! It was cool to see the White House – and all the security with big guns.

The next day we went to the Washington Memorial. Then we played on the hill. Then we went to engraving building tour. It was very cool. We saw 1,000,000 bucks.

Then we had a tour about the capital. It had a lot of statues that had states on them. And one time we found Florida.

Then we went to the zoo. First we saw a horse. Next we saw apes they were kind of cool. Also one almost came up to us. Finally we came to the last one was a lion. The baby lions came out. And we saw panda’s!

Then we went to the spy museum. It was really cool with lots of cool spy stuff.


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