My California Trip

When we got back from school we went straight to the airport. I was so excited to go to California. When we got on the plane I was so nervous. When we landed in our time it was 11:00 but in California time it was 8:00.

When we landed we were so tired. The next day we went to Disneyland and went to Hyper Space Mountain. It was so different from Disney World. Then we went to go do some shopping. I wanted a baseball that says Disneyland on it and a new Star Wars jacket. The jacket was $65.00! So I got the jacket and the baseball. I like both of them. The thing I like about the baseball is its hard. I like the jacket because it is very soft. We also bought a hidden Mickey Mouse book.

The next day we went to go eat Mickey Mouse waffles they were so soft so they were really good. I want my dad to make those waffles. Then we went to the park to go on buzz lighter. It was good because my mom didn’t know all the good spots. Then we went to a roller coaster that’s called California Scream’in. It was so fun and it went upside down. When you go upside down look up and there is a hidden Mickey.

At night we went to a parade that was awesome. I was so excited for it.  When the parade was over there was a light show with fire works.

The next day we went to Warner brothers studio. It was awesome. We even got to see all working Batman cars. We got to see the new Batman car. All of them actually work. That is amazing. Then we went to the Gilmore Girls set and my mom freaked out. She was so excited.I had so much fun at the Warner Brothers studio.

The next day we packed up and went to the airport and almost missed our flight so we didn’t get to eat breakfast. When we got on the plane we ordered food right away. I had a great time at California.