Marco Island Vacation, 2016

When we started the 5 hour trip to Marco island I was so excited for the trip ahead of me. When I woke up we went to a place called Nene’s. They have great food there. We go there every year.

The pool at our vacation house was nice – because we get to swim whenever we want.  But this year it seemed warm and wasn’t too refreshing. When we got fishing ready it was fun but we didn’t catch anything. When I went fishing in the morning my brother caught a snapper. After that I caught a fish. Catching a fish is really good because we are trying to win a trophy. Last year my brother won.

We always like to go to a restaurant called the sand bar. There are these game there like pool. We went there again and my mom gave us a quarter and I spent it. Then we looked for more money than we found $5.15. Me and my brother split it with my brother.

When my family went on the pontoon boat I was so excited to fish. When we got to our spot we started to fish. That day I caught a couple snappers, a big snook, and a gar that no one has done before.

When we went on a charter boat to go deep sea fishing I was kind of nervous because I don’t like boats being rocky and so far out. Any way it was still fun. When I was out there I caught 16 fish in total. We went to a hotel called a Marriott to eat and catch Pokemon.

I love going to Marco Island and it’s something I want to do every year forever!


My California Trip

When we got back from school we went straight to the airport. I was so excited to go to California. When we got on the plane I was so nervous. When we landed in our time it was 11:00 but in California time it was 8:00.

When we landed we were so tired. The next day we went to Disneyland and went to Hyper Space Mountain. It was so different from Disney World. Then we went to go do some shopping. I wanted a baseball that says Disneyland on it and a new Star Wars jacket. The jacket was $65.00! So I got the jacket and the baseball. I like both of them. The thing I like about the baseball is its hard. I like the jacket because it is very soft. We also bought a hidden Mickey Mouse book.

The next day we went to go eat Mickey Mouse waffles they were so soft so they were really good. I want my dad to make those waffles. Then we went to the park to go on buzz lighter. It was good because my mom didn’t know all the good spots. Then we went to a roller coaster that’s called California Scream’in. It was so fun and it went upside down. When you go upside down look up and there is a hidden Mickey.

At night we went to a parade that was awesome. I was so excited for it.  When the parade was over there was a light show with fire works.

The next day we went to Warner brothers studio. It was awesome. We even got to see all working Batman cars. We got to see the new Batman car. All of them actually work. That is amazing. Then we went to the Gilmore Girls set and my mom freaked out. She was so excited.I had so much fun at the Warner Brothers studio.

The next day we packed up and went to the airport and almost missed our flight so we didn’t get to eat breakfast. When we got on the plane we ordered food right away. I had a great time at California.


Day trip to St. Augustine

We got in the car last Sunday and took a road trip to St. Augustine.  The first thing we did was s play in the park. Then we ate a pizza bagel at an all bagel restaurant. Then we went mini golfing. Next we went to see a pirate ship and it was big. After that we to play on the canons.

After when we played with the canons we went to eat dinner. For the first place we went to was Harry’s but the wait was to long it was 45 minutes. The second place we went to was Columbia I kind of liked it but my mom loved it.

After that my dad got a Popsicle and my brother got soft served ice cream. My favorite part of the day was when we played mini golf. I think it was fun because we saw lots of cool things like graves and we almost saw a ghost at the end.

StAugustine-1 StAugustine2 StAugustine3


Washington, DC family vacation

We took a family trip to Washington, DC.  We got to fly on an airplane and then we went to our hotel then got to sleep. The next day we go to the White House!  We had to go through a lot of security, and then we even saw BO run down the path in front of the window! It was cool to see the White House – and all the security with big guns.

The next day we went to the Washington Memorial. Then we played on the hill. Then we went to engraving building tour. It was very cool. We saw 1,000,000 bucks.

Then we had a tour about the capital. It had a lot of statues that had states on them. And one time we found Florida.

Then we went to the zoo. First we saw a horse. Next we saw apes they were kind of cool. Also one almost came up to us. Finally we came to the last one was a lion. The baby lions came out. And we saw panda’s!

Then we went to the spy museum. It was really cool with lots of cool spy stuff.


Patrick meets a penguin!

His name is Cayenne (like the pepper). He’s the 3 month old penguin that I met at the Georgia Aquarium.
We got to walk around the aquarium and see all sorts of animals.  I got to touch a sting ray.  We also go to see otters. We got to see a giant whale shark and lots of other big fish.

But my favorite part of the day was touching Cayenne.
First we had to check in and wait for the penguin trainer to come get our group.  There were six other people in our group.
Then we went upstairs to a room with penguin stuff everywhere.  We had to put all of our stuff away, like cell phones, watches and hanging jewelry because they didn’t want the penguin to poke at it.
We waited for a few minutes then the penguin trainer came in with the penguin walking with him.  He picked up Cayenne and put him on a table that looked like an ice berg.  We all got to stand up and take pictures with him.  We were not allowed to touch him yet because he and to be retrained.  He had to get used to being in the room with new people so he didn’t bite us.

After everyone got pictures, the trainer put the penguin in the middle of the floor while we all sat around him in a circle. The first person the penguin walked over to was…me!
When he walked over to me, the trainer said I could pet him.  I could only pet him on his back, because the other places are sensitive. I was so excited and really happy to touch the penguin.  I really wanted to cry but didn’t.  The penguin felt softer than the softest kitten ever.
The trainer picked Cayenne up to move him to the other side of the room so other people could pet him, but he walked back over to me again!
I think he liked me because I was wearing a penguin shirt.  Or because he knows I’m the penguin king.
The trainer kept picking the penguin up and moving him again and again, but he kept coming back to me.
Cayenne is an African penguin who lives along the beaches of south Africa.  There are only about 5500 of these sorts of penguins left.  They are worried about extinction due to oil spills and people moving to the beaches where they live.
Cayenne was born at the aquarium and has a problem with his left eye.  He can’t see out of it very well. They expect him to live more than 20 years.
I hope that I can go to school to be a penguin trainer and go back to take care of Cayenne.
I’m just so happy that I got to meet him and it was the best day ever!

Patrick meets a penguin at the Georgia Aquarium.

Patrick meets a penguin at the Georgia Aquarium.