Chicago Trip 2016

The thingsĀ  did in Chicago we went to Lake Michigan 3 times. The first on we went to had a big swimming area. The second one we went to had lots of rocks and hurt my feet. The third one also had lots of rocks. My favorite was the first on.

We went to a pool do times and a other one oncethe first pool had 2 divining boards. The other pool had a diving board and a high dive. My favorite was the he second one because the high dive.

We went to a 4th of July party. We went fishing, playing outside, and made a fort. After that we had an other party. We played badminton and we watched the fireworks. The fireworks were so beautiful.

Then this new app came out called Pokemon Go now when ever we go places we collect the all.

We went to a band Billy Elton. The played Billy Joel songs. They were a good band. Most of the song I knew.

We also went to a carnival but we didn’t go on any rides. There was two bands one was right next to us. We played with our little cousin.

My favorite part about Chicago was hanging out with my cousin because she is such a funny baby.