Chicago Trip 2016

The things  did in Chicago we went to Lake Michigan 3 times. The first on we went to had a big swimming area. The second one we went to had lots of rocks and hurt my feet. The third one also had lots of rocks. My favorite was the first on.

We went to a pool do times and a other one oncethe first pool had 2 divining boards. The other pool had a diving board and a high dive. My favorite was the he second one because the high dive.

We went to a 4th of July party. We went fishing, playing outside, and made a fort. After that we had an other party. We played badminton and we watched the fireworks. The fireworks were so beautiful.

Then this new app came out called Pokemon Go now when ever we go places we collect the all.

We went to a band Billy Elton. The played Billy Joel songs. They were a good band. Most of the song I knew.

We also went to a carnival but we didn’t go on any rides. There was two bands one was right next to us. We played with our little cousin.

My favorite part about Chicago was hanging out with my cousin because she is such a funny baby.


Back to School – 4th Grade

I’m in 4th grade. So summer is over and that means torture. The thing new about our school that is cool is that we get recess now, which is fun. I’m looking forward to science experiments because I like experiments. I’m not looking forward to stuff getting harder like math and reading.

I’m glad that my teachers are nice. I’m sad that my friends aren’t in my class. I’m excited for the field trips, skate night, and field day.

My favorite special is art because I have a new art teacher and he’s funny. I’m glad we have snack now because I don’t have to get hungry in the middle of the day.

First Day of 4th Grade.

First Day of 4th Grade.


My Week at Disney Camp

On Monday, I woke up at 6:00 to go to Disney camp. It’s something we do every year at Animal Kingdom.  First, we went to a Giraffe barn. There were no giraffes because they were all in the safari ride. We even got to make there food with grains and oatmeal. The giraffes tongue is purple because it is like sun screen. Next we went on the safari the safari was really bumpy because we were in the back. We also saw the giraffes that lived in the barn. We go back to the pavilion and there was an animator that helped us draw owl from Winnie the Poo. I think I did bad but other people thought it was good.

Patrick's Owl drawing | Disney Animal Kingdom camp

Patrick’s Owl drawing | Disney Animal Kingdom camp

Tuesday when we get to Disney camp we get on the bus to go to Epcot and went on Sorin’ and Living With The Land. I like the first part of Sorin’ because it’s starts to go high and it feels like your flying. My favorite part about Living With The Land is the fish🐠.  When we back to the pavilion, we got to play with an animal.  It was a ferret. The ferret smelled really bad. It was also really soft.

On Wednesday, we got to ride Expedition Everest and Kali River Rapids. When we went on Everest and a person from got sick on the ride. When I went on Kali we got the less wet and it sucked because I wanted to get wet. When we got back we saw an owl and try to draw it people said it looked like an owl but I didn’t.

On Thursday, we got to camp and went to Typhoon Lagoon to go snorkeling. When I got in the water it was nice. In the middle there was a big sting ray and a sting ray swam right next to me and I got to touch it. When I was swimming a shark swam up to me and touched me. I kinda started panicking in the middle of it but I calmed down. There lots of big fish. We also had the whole side to ourselves. We went back to Animal Kingdom and did Its Hard To Be A Bug. I haven’t been on it in a while so I forgot what it was and it kinda creeped me out.

On Friday when we got to camp, we went to the Living Seas. We went in this room to learn about turtles and why they eat plastic. Then we did an activity and we looked for a certain fish and learned about its habits. When we got on the Nemo ride we got stuck on it for thirty minutes and a song was playing it was annoying! When we got back we drew an animal that was in the room it was a type of bird.

Patrick's bird drawing | Disney Animal Kingdom camp

Patrick’s bird drawing | Disney Animal Kingdom camp

Disney Animal Kingdom camp

Disney Animal Kingdom camp