Marco Island Vacation, 2016

When we started the 5 hour trip to Marco island I was so excited for the trip ahead of me. When I woke up we went to a place called Nene’s. They have great food there. We go there every year.

The pool at our vacation house was nice – because we get to swim whenever we want.  But this year it seemed warm and wasn’t too refreshing. When we got fishing ready it was fun but we didn’t catch anything. When I went fishing in the morning my brother caught a snapper. After that I caught a fish. Catching a fish is really good because we are trying to win a trophy. Last year my brother won.

We always like to go to a restaurant called the sand bar. There are these game there like pool. We went there again and my mom gave us a quarter and I spent it. Then we looked for more money than we found $5.15. Me and my brother split it with my brother.

When my family went on the pontoon boat I was so excited to fish. When we got to our spot we started to fish. That day I caught a couple snappers, a big snook, and a gar that no one has done before.

When we went on a charter boat to go deep sea fishing I was kind of nervous because I don’t like boats being rocky and so far out. Any way it was still fun. When I was out there I caught 16 fish in total. We went to a hotel called a Marriott to eat and catch Pokemon.

I love going to Marco Island and it’s something I want to do every year forever!


Midwest Summer Vacation

First we go to the airport and get on the plane to Chicago. I was very nervous. I was nervous because i don’t really like planes. I’m scared its going to crash.Three hours later we get there and walked around the city and saw Buckingham Fountain and see the Willis Tower. Then we went to a restaurant and ate. It was good and they have onion loaf.


Then we went to my aunts house. I got to meet my new cousin Robin. Next we ate pizza for dinner. Then next day we wake up early to go to Lake Geneva then we go in the lake and swim. The temperature was 72 degrees. It was spring fed. Then we went to eat lunch. We ate lunch at a diner. Then we go swimming again. Then we played blackjack and the practice round I went all in I thought I was going to get lucky but I didn’t. Then I put one in and I won the next round then I won’t the two rounds. Then I lost and lost then I put all in then everybody was laughing I was the only one serious then I won. The next we go fishing we caught nothing. The rest of the day we went tubing it was fun. I loved when i fell off and stood up and fell back. I also went backwards and went on my knees.

Then we went back to my aunts house and played pool and went asleep Then we went to the dunes to go sand surfing, but it wasn’t really fun because it was hot out and the sand was hot. It was really disappointing. Then we went to a beach and swam.

Then we drove to Tennessee and got to the house we were staying at, that had a air hockey table and a pool table and a movie theater. Most of the time we played pool and hockey. Then we went out and went to eat dinner. We ate dinner at a brewery. Then we went to a coaster over a Mountain, it went really fast.

The next day we woke up to go zip lining and white water rafting. First we went zip lining and it took a while to get the stuff on. It was more fun than I thought. I liked when you were high and it went fast. Then we went to go white water rafting. We get on the bus to go white water rafting. When we got in our raft and we hit a big rock.  The tube went really fast and that’s what I really liked about it. The stream was level 4 in about the middle the instructor told us one time he was rafting with his friends and a water moccasin jumped in the boat and his friends jumped out of the boat and couldn’t get back in the boat. The best part about this trip was white water rafting.