Day trip to St. Augustine

We got in the car last Sunday and took a road trip to St. Augustine.  The first thing we did was s play in the park. Then we ate a pizza bagel at an all bagel restaurant. Then we went mini golfing. Next we went to see a pirate ship and it was big. After that we to play on the canons.

After when we played with the canons we went to eat dinner. For the first place we went to was Harry’s but the wait was to long it was 45 minutes. The second place we went to was Columbia I kind of liked it but my mom loved it.

After that my dad got a Popsicle and my brother got soft served ice cream. My favorite part of the day was when we played mini golf. I think it was fun because we saw lots of cool things like graves and we almost saw a ghost at the end.

StAugustine-1 StAugustine2 StAugustine3


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